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Byronyk breaks down the value of LTI in Star Citizen

Byronyk's LTI Insurance Image

Happy Sunday Star Citizens! Today, Byronyk shares his thoughts on the value of LTI insurance with the community.

Yesterday Byronyk & Bluir shared their incredibly funny 45 second commercial for ‘Byron Hope Center’ LTI insurance policy. Although this was a tongue in cheek spoof on real TV advertising, it was a lead up to today’s deeper analysis of the subject.

In this longer 7:24 vignette Byronyk breaks down what we know about the different types of insurance CIG will offer in the PU and speculates about ballpark costs associated with each.

Byronyk also explores the subject of the secondary ship market around LTI ships and goes into detail about whether or not LTI should factor into your ship purchasing decision process. Check out the video to hear Byronyk’s thoughts, and then let us know where you stand in the comments!

So what do you think? See you in the ‘Verse!

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  1. dude

    I was told that LTI covers all the equipment that comes standard on your ship as well.

    Also, this theory crafting is awesome! But, when you take into account actually obtaining LTI through concept sales, you are actually saving money. As Ben has said, concept sale ships are not as expensive as the ships that are in packages.

    I’m not sure if either of these things are true, as I didn’t have a source. But they are both widely regarded as true on the forums and among other content providers, whom I assume have a source at CIG. I know you said you might have missed points for or against LTI at the end of the video, but if this stuff is true, since you are a professional news outlet, your video is off in enough ways to where you really should take it down and try again.

  2. Nakami

    It covers the base equipment your ship start out with, so in the case of lux ships LTI is an even bigger deal since they have really good gear on from the start.

    • Infidel

      It’s “hull” insurance. Although they (CIG) did say it would cover whatever came originally on the ship, that statement was a long time ago. I’m pretty certain that has changed and it is specifically just your “hull” now and this video is spot on with the explanation.

      Like I’ve been saying for well over a year now…..LTI is a gimmick and is nothing more than a way for them to sell more ships.

      • Quantum

        I am pretty certain it has not changed. Perhaps because they have repeated it in the last six months. Perhaps because the co-founder knows that to do so would result in a massive refund demand that would end in a class-action, false advertising lawsuit, when they could not afford the refunds.

        @Nakami is correct. It covers all starting equipment that the ship comes with. However, since CIG will be re-releasing new versions of the ships every year, LTI owners will eventually either have to mothball their ship or purchse RI for it (which removes LTI), so that when the ship is destroyed the replacement is the new version. They are baking a planned obsolescence into the program, though it will probably take at least 3 years before it becomes necessary to consider.

  3. Steve

    I know that Byronik is a friend of INN’s, but I would strongly urge you to reconsider the suitability of this particular video of his for your site. INN is knows for in-depth analysis and factual accuracy, and unfortunately, this clip is lacking in both – it repeats only the most readily-available, passed-around knowledge from one segment of the community, the side supporting his argument for LTI not being worth much (which, for the record, I actually agree with), but doesn’t present the wealth of counter-arguments. Had INN produced a video ‘breaking down the value’ of LTI, I have no doubt that all this information would have been presented and analysed in depth.

  4. Animus

    Your video is incorrect, LTI covers all stock equipment on your ship when purchased. It will not cover any upgraded equipment you buy after the fact. there is then Cargo and Upgrade insurance you can buy for those items.

  5. cheesemp

    As others have stated – LTI includes base equipment – after all what use is a hull with no thrusters! I also think LTI has limited value (even less when paired to an Aurora LX like I have!)

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