Jun 30

Basic Flight Maneuvering

What is Basic Flight Maneuvering? Basic Flight Maneuvering, or BFM, is a term used broadly to describe maneuvers that can performed in space.

Jun 24

Defensive Maneuvering Video

Legacy Instructional Series Presents: Academics DFM1, Defensive Maneuvering Hello space pilots! The LIS Team is hard at work creating the tools you need to improve in Star Citizen. Next up is perhaps the most important lesson for a new player, as it will allow one to stay alive long enough to accomplish the mission and […]

Jun 22

General Flight Mechanics

General Flight Mechanics? What’s that? General Flight Mechanics is the first academics lesson in the Legacy Instructional Series, and presents an elementary look at spaceflight in Star Citizen. This guide is created for people who have never experienced any sort of six-degree-of-freedom (6DOF) simulator before. Much of this is explaining the semantics of spaceflight, discussing […]

Jun 20

LIS Recommended Control Setups, Bindings, and Sensitivity Curves

Looking for advice on setting up your controls for Star Citizen? The team at LIS is here to help!   Star Citizen backers, you asked for it, and here it is – the answers to our two most common questions: “what control setup are you using?” and “what kind of bindings/sensitivity curves do you use?” […]

Jun 19

Scythe Q&A

Greetings Citizens, CIG has just released a Q&A about the Scythe answering many questions that they have collected from the forum. Check it out here!