May 12

Star Guide – Pirate vs. Griefer – by Byronyk


Check out the latest video from Byronyk, who has just come back to creating YouTube videos!

Star Guide – Pirate vs. Griefer by Byronyk

Byronyk, INN’s newest team member, has started making videos again!  Check out his first video in over four months!

This episode of Star Guide examines the differences between Pirates and Griefers and whether it really matters to people who are killed by them.

We are more than thrilled to have him back making videos for the Star Citizen community, and on the INN team!

Stay tuned, and keep checking Byronyk’s channel, and INN, for more!


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  1. Byronyk

    Pew Pew!

  2. Wolf Larsen

    Nice work Byronyk!

  3. Nefario

    Nice to see your return; great video

  4. Longscope

    superbly simple.

    Pirates = hunting profit
    Griefers = hunting lulz

  5. RambUs

    You always find the best stuff on INN.

  6. Saoldian

    Another great addition to the INN team! Always enjoyed your videos Byronyk, glad to see the INN influence has brought you back around.

    Fun video, thanks!

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