May 18

INNside the ‘Verse Episode 14

Hello Citizens!

Welcome to this weeks episode of INNside the ‘Verse!

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Hello everyone!  Welcome to this week’s INNside the ‘Verse, our longest episode ever!  This week’s guests include Wolf Larsen, Nehkara, Byronyk, and RTMoose, or Stupid Question Bot, from Reddit.

Topics this week include:

1:25 – Introduction to Stupid Question Bot (again)

4:15 – Fan Spotlight (GrayHeadedGamer)

9:25 – INN Rewind

13:20 – News with Nehkara (AtV / RtV Recap)

22:00 – The Return of Byronyk

24:40 – Controller Balance

During the episode, we talk about a number of things.  We talk a fair bit about Controller Balance, and mention that we will be having a round-table with some prominent members of the AC community soon.  Go to the comments below, and let us know what you want us to cover!

Also, I mention that I (Erris) am hoping to go to CitizenCon on behalf of INN.  Let me know if this is something you’d be interested in seeing us try to do, and if there are any ways you might be interested in helping fund this!

As always, a huge thank-you to everyone who listens and supports us.  Thank you all, you make this fun to do every week.


See you all in the ‘Verse




p.s. As always, all editing work done by the inimitable sixfsincaps


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  1. Srefanius

    I really enjoyed the controller discussion, I play with a HOTAS myself and while VS is very enjoyable I have a long road to go to compete against players in BR or SB.

  2. Keyla_Orion

    Nice discussion. Sounded like you had well diverse group on the controller discussion. I enjoyed the whole 50 minutes.

    Personally I enjoy playing HOTAS for the immersion and I feel great in Vanduul Swarm (both coop and single). Just can’t venture into any PvP sadly. The game turns sour and un-fun real fast. Also tried the mouse with CH Pedals + CH Throttle. My shooting accuracy went up like 300% and I could still dodge pretty well. It just wasn’t fun anymore.

    I guess bottom line is, I like HOTAS for the immersion and will either play with them or not at all. Just question is whether I will be able to play multiplayer as I hate being ppls pin cushion.

    BTW I will most likely be on the Gamescom (both the actual Gamescom and the SC event). If you will be there give me a hauler am willing to buy a beer :) (Keyla_Orion on the forums, the e-mail I provide here is fake).

  3. Gumbie

    Well you guys totally left out the effect that track ir has on this game when using Hotas joysticks myself I use Warthog hotas , pedals, and track ir. With the track ir I can use gimbal weapons like a pro i can use my head to follow your ship with my weapons and if i need to move my ship a little more to get the kill. I recommend you guys to try the track ir that do not have it or have given it a try in star citizen, My self I love it but thats just my thoughts.

    • Erris

      We’ll probably be talking about things like track-ir a lot more in the round-table on balance we’re going to have. We didn’t want to episode to run too long.

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