May 25

CS Missile Evasion


Check out a new instructional video from WhiteSnake8, and keep an eye on INN for more instructional videos in the future!

Part of the Legacy Instructional Series, Defensive Maneuvering Course

The focus of this video is on cross section missiles, since the other types are very easy to evade at this time. These techniques, however, will work for all missile types, and don’t require the use of countermeasures.

The video ran pretty long, so we made a TLDR version.

We also figured that some might suspect that we are cherry picking successful evasions, so here’s a link to the full video, during which Audaxiom pretty much teaches me how do to it. It’s fairly simple because I didn’t take a single CS missile from him during the entire match.

This video was created by the newest member of our team, WhiteSnake8. Give him a warm welcome in the comments!

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  1. Blaze

    HOLY S*** WhiteSnake8 is part of the team now?! WOW! This thing gets better and better! I’m so glad that I subscribed :)

    Welcome to the team WhiteSnake8! Thank you and your org for educating us all! You’re like a guru for me! I vote for the tactics expert npc with your nickname in the actual game! :)

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