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March Monthly Report Recap

The March Monthly Report came out yesterday, and if you don’t want to sift through it to find the important bits, here they are:

March Monthly Report Recap

 CIG Santa Monica


  • 1.1.0 released
  • New landing mechanic implemented
  • New ship damage system debuted on Gladius
  • Moving toward physics based damage system   


  • REC, Retaliator, Gladius, Vanguard introduced   
  • Working on rear seat functionality
  • Pirate Swarm game mode in progress
  • “Types of ships, AI skill, and number of ships scale dynamically based off the number of [human] players, their equipment, and their skill/success.”


  • 8 character models being reworked for FPS module
  • Development of new ships, weapons continues
  • Concepts for “larger” ships will be debuted Soon™    
  • Herald, P-52 Merlin, and Xi’an Scout work is ongoing
  • Constellation/Freelancer rewords will debut with multi-crew AC functionality   

CIG Austin

Persistent Universe Team:


  • “Hero” props in the works
  • Things like “hulking radar dishes and solar panels for space stations, holo-object viewing kiosks for our shop locations, and the Medical Display Carousel prop which features prominently in the Medical Unit”
  • Improving FPS props and characters for FPS module
  • Working on different aesthetics for NPCs in different locations
  • Terra = white collar, Frontier = counter culture, etc.
  • Colonialist, Monumentalist, Hennowist, and Streamline  architectural styles are being worked on for various locales
  • Gladiator animations, drunk animations, and “grabby hands” animations being worked on
  • mobiGlas prop receiving some love


  • SXSW video was big focus this month
  • Thruster calculator work for balancing ships is ongoing


  • Progress made on multiplayer hangars, player persistence, universe simulator, and more
  • Network Summit in Austin was a global affair
  • AI editors, asset tools being worked on by “unsung heroes” of Star Citizen
  • Green beer was ingested

Live Operations:


  • Testing 1.1 and FPS
  • “QA has implemented regular comprehensive performance testing to help developers investigate optimization improvements for the game.”

Game Support

  • Game Support team created:
  • Sounds like a team focused on quickly communicating with the community and making sure players are getting the best experience.   


  • Dozens of demo computers prepared for live events
  • Successfully reduced the time it takes to move data from build system to all dev locations

Dev Ops

  • Prototype launcher/patching system is getting attention
  • Working on MP stability in 1.1
  • Lots of developments to things like Build Server, crash handlers, etc.

Foundry 42


  • Multiplayer free flight mode introduced
  • Tutorial system coming with AC release in April  F42 now helping with AI development


  • Prepping for April motion capture shoot
  • Casting is completed with “some very exciting actors now becoming part of Star Citizen”
  • Art Ship team is growing
  • A couple annoying bugs are holding back the tutorial
  • First pass at multi cree lobby design and scoring system


  • WWISE integration reaching final stage
  • This will allow “sonic events”
  • Jump in audio quality should be appreciable
  • Foley session coming up
  • Looking for ideas for ‘Dev Diaries’ from CIG audio


  • Working on ARGO, gun attachments, Starfarer modules, Bengal interior, etc.
  • Tackling “style inconsistencies” in Idris

Ship Team

  • In the process of producing a couple of the biggest ships in the game
  • Capships being built out modularly
  • Currently setting up modular systems and blocking out interior for Starfarer   


  • Weapon pipeline and schedule being completely revised for 2015
  • Revisiting older weapons so they adhere to higher standard that has been set since

VFX Team

  • Gladiator flight effects in-progress (thrusters, weapons, power plants, etc.)
  • Style guides for human ship manufacturers are pretty much nailed down
  • Vanduul style guide is next   
  • R&D for complicated effects like large electrical storms


  • Facial scanning rig in UK being prepped



  • More locations integrated in ArcCorp and Terra
  • Augmented reality shopping is improving
  • Holo-table revamp is ongoing
  • Double monocles were proposed; friendships were ruined in the ensuing debate   
  • More subscriber goodies planned for coming months
  • Engineering
  • Chat implementation is ongoing


  • Work on new section of Nyx has begun.
  • April flair finished, next flair “is going to look really cool in your hangars!”   
  • mobiGlas UI changes depending on the store you’re in
  • Refining AC menu flow



  • Push/pull system work continues
  • Implementation of partial ragdoll system that blends in and out of animations has begun
  • SATA Ball game mode
  • Two new weapons hooked up


  • One of the FPS levels is basically finished
  • Other level is being reworked for more depth and readability


  • Prototyping SATA ball
  • Play-testing weapon feel


  • Standardizing effects across ships and FPS weapons
  • Small laser weapons should be similar in effect to larger scale laser weapons


Electronic Access and the REC System

  • REC system allows testing of future persistent systems
  • REC will be extended to cover FPS module


  • New homepage design is coming up, has entered QA phase


  • Design considerations for things like undiscovered areas


  • Aware of convoluted nature of cross-chassis upgrades
  • “Our current thinking is to allow you to upgrade by either starting with a ship you own or by choosing the ship you want to ugprade to. Both ways should be possible.”   

Moon Collider 


  • Design and implementation of “navigation objects” was a big focus
  • Helps with AI pathfinding
  • Very basic implementation is done
  • Job system to maximize use of parallel processors


  • Local navigation grids getting work; these allow AI pathfinding in a barrel-rolling Connie, for example


  • Working on plans for Gamescom and Citizen Con
  • 800,000 citizens!
  • New RSI Instagram

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