Apr 20

INNside the ‘Verse Episode 10

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On this week’s Podcast, I’m joined by Nehkara, who’s only had to fight and kill three grizzly bears so far this year.  I’m also joined by Years1Hundred, who can breathe in space, and, replacing Wolf Larsen this week, we’ve got LegoRobotDude, INN’s third staff member who is able to photosynthesize.

Also, we’re running a contest!

Enter anytime in the next week for your chance to win one of three prizes!

1st prize: a Mustang Delta

2nd prize: three hand-made Star Citizen drink coasters

2nd 2nd prize: another three hand-made Star Citizen drink coasters.

So, how do you enter the contest, I hear you all clamoring to ask.  Well, here’s how.

Head down to the comments for this post, and tell us a few things!  Tell us when you listen to the podcast, how you listen to it, and what you like, or don’t like, about our show!

We at INN will then select the three winners randomly, and we’ll contact them, and give them their prizes.

See the image below for some examples of coasters that have been won before!











The contest will end on Saturday, April 25th at 10:00am EST.  The winners will be contacted, and will be announced on Episode 11 of INNside the ‘Verse.

That said, this weeks topics include:

Fan Spotlight – 2:40: This week’s Fan Spotlight is /u/skudedarude, for his excellent piano covers of Pedro Camacho’s music.  Youtube link, Reddit link

MISC Hull concept sale – 3:30

1.1.2 patch – 6:00

SATAball – 7:40

INN’s hopes for FPS – 9:00

REC changes – 13:45

Atmospheric flight – 15:30

Balance update – 18:20

SQ42 and Citizenship: 19:00

Speculation on the Hull series: 22:00

What’s coming up on INN: 25:10

That’s it for this week!  Thanks to everyone who listened, to everyone who’s supporting us through Patreon, and good luck to everyone in the contest!

Episode edited by sixfsincaps

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  1. sporespawn

    Great show as always, keep it up!

    When: 2015:04:20:18:30 CAT
    Where: On my PC while playing MWO.
    Don’t like: The intro music sounds generic. Like: Your opinions are interesting.

  2. Caeous

    Here’s my entry to the contest.

    Honestly, there’s not much that I would change about Innside The ‘Verse specifically. It’s quite easy to listen, and you guys are really good at breaking down the news.

    I know you guys are looking for feedback on your current podcast, but if it’s possible, I think you guys should have another podcast. I’m sure I’m not the only one that would love to hear your thoughts on new ships (concept sales), or new patches, in high detail. Also, having a dedicated podcast for new ships/patches would give you guys more time to talk about it, since I’m assuming you’ve decided on a 30min max time on this podcast. Maybe it could be a special episode? I guess I can’t get enough of you guys.

    My methods of listening are usually downloading the podcast from the dropbox link and listening to it at work during lunch.

    Now, time to listen to episode 10.

  3. Flint Nefario

    I want to win!!!!!!! (

    I listen to the show at work… waiting patiently every Monday for it to get posted. I thoroughly enjoy how your show stays on the positive side of things but it can get just a little bit fanboy-ish sometimes (in my humble opinion). My favorite thing about your show that keeps me coming back is that you guys offer tons of good tips, help, advice, links, and tons of other things that you are doing yourselves (and stuff done by others)….. It’s amazing how active you guys are; Thanks!!!!!

  4. asymmetrical_Harold

    Love the show guys! I listen while in the car picking up my kids from school. I DL the itunes version and listen on my phone. I love the flow of the podcast. The length is just right and you guys always have something interesting to talk about. I really enjoyed the interesting info concerning new ship sales and how much they brought in.

  5. Siber

    A quarter past midnight, I listened to Podcast right before going to bed. Basically I just lied down on the floor listening.
    Like the discussion on the Hull series. I am a MISC fan and Hull interests me. Its a good talk really. I hope there are discussions on new ships in the next episodes.

  6. Geist

    You guys are the best place for SC news.

    When: On the morning rode to work.
    How: Download it to my phone.
    Like: Comprehensive news and opinions.

  7. Baergo

    I listen to your podcast on the mondays they release while at work usually. I listen to it on your website (SoundCloud)

    Pro – I love that you don’t overreact to changes with the game that seem to be popular/unpopular with the community. You take an objective looks at things and justify it calmly.

    Con – I wish the podcasts were longer at times, sometimes I feel that your thoughts get abbreviated.

    Have a great week!

  8. Myjj

    Love the work you guys do! Thanks for keeping us all updated and entertained.

    Where did those drink coasters come from? That aegis one looks pretty nice :) Do you make them yourselves?

    I tend to listen to the podcasts once I get a break from work. Sometimes that’s right when they come out, other times it takes a few days.

    I just love the tone of the podcasts and articles here, and I can’t really say there’s much to improve. Keep on being awesome!

    • Erris

      Hey Myjj, just want to quickly say, the coasters are hand-made by myself. If you have any questions about them, just let me know!

  9. Chewacle

    Love the show I like to be up to date on SC and this helps a lot.

  10. Gianfranco "Goose" Battista

    Hey INN,

    I think this is a fantastic podcast for Star Citizen. I tend to not listen to fan podcasts in general as they tend to ramble off into irrelevant and oft insider conversations, but you all organize yourselves very well. Even if you do ramble-on it is typically on-topic and you catch yourselves fairly quickly. And I think it helps that the podcast does a good job of breaking up monologues when there is a heavy amount of information being provided, like Nehkara’s run-down of 1.1.2(.

    But the thing I like the most about this podcast is that you are all so well informed about the whole project, but also have different interpretations of said info. While I also stay on-top of SC news, meaning most of what you talk about isn’t news to me, it is refreshing to hear the perspectives on how you all perceive the daily information we get and the discussions you have regarding it all.

    Recorded audio quality in general could be improved, but, it sounds like you’ll have that fixed with all the donations!

    Like I said, overall this is a great podcast and one that I’ll continue to listen to one my Monday mornings at work.

    – Franco “Goose” Battista (Chitect88 on Reddit)

  11. Hazrd

    I catch you guys on Soundcloud during my lunch break.

    +1 for the mention of Arma. I can only hope for that level of attention to technical/ballistic detail in the FPS module.

    I like the format of the show and the back and forth with differing opinions. I follow the forums and Reddit through most of the day but sometimes I will miss something and you guys always fill in the gaps. The amount of time spent on subjects seems right, as well, so it never feels boring.
    No major issues to mention, but if I had to nit-pick, I would say try to turn down the use of the word “like” because, like, I’ve become, like, super-aware of it. I know it’s a modern convention of the English language but it would make the show sound more “Pro”.

    Keep up the good work! I’m very thankful for the time you guys put into keeping the community informed.

  12. Endyo

    Good stuff guys. I listened to this on your soundcloud just now.

    As far as criticism, I know you guys are all about delivering news about things coming down the line, but it’s probably fairly important that you keep track of more current things. If none of you are playing much AC and none of you have much interest in the FPS module, it seems like you’re missing out on a big chunk of community interest.

  13. Swa Swa

    I’ve honestly never seen a podcast before, I’m sick and got a link to it from the reddit and decided to listen. As your asking for feedback i’ll provide some, than go and listen to the other podcasts and explore the website. This is an update from a later time but i explored it and it was pleasant, i will check this more often in the future.

    I like your brevity and forwardness. The sense of humor is also good, the flow is great, you guys bring up great points and i am glad the debates didn’t devolve. Also i was pleasantly surprised you guys didn’t rest on speculation or hype things up excessively. Finally i was surprised by how much i learned, i have been following star citizen for a little over two years now and the amount of information i never heard before surprised me, although that could just be my own stupidity.

    Also pertaining to your actual discussion, the hull (ships) and their size and armament i hope a legitimate boarding strategy would be to crash an aurora through the window, and as such that the hull does need escort.

    The transitions between topics could be a little better as they seem a bit choppy, but please don’t script them (that is a pet peeve of mine).

    I listened to the podcast first on your website, but than on soundcloud, the voice quality improved dramatically once i listened to it on soundcloud which was weird. Perhaps their is a problem with my comp, perhaps the link was funny.

    Finally you guys should sell the coasters, i need a new coaster and your coasters look awesome. That being said i would rather win the delta, but i never win anything. However, i am able to buy things as buying doesn’t depend as much on luck, so i could feasibly buy coasters.

  14. McWabbit

    Usually I listen to INNside the ‘Verse during my commutes in my car or train.

    Next to informative, entertaining and having interesting speculations about all things Star Citizen, I also like the quality of the sound engineering: There are no sudden noise outbursts like you have when someone uses either voice or key-activated microphones or emote loudly with shouts or laughter.
    Even with the normal background noises like shifting chairs etc. and different qualities of recordings, it is all balanced out nicely and saves my ears and car speakers. So thumbs up for /u/sixfsincaps! :)

    It is a pleasure to listen to the weekly podcasts: Keep up the good work!

  15. Kinshadow

    When: In the shower while soaping up my pirate body
    How: Usually with a podcatcher on my phone. Occasionally I force a henchman to sing the transcript to me.
    Like: The silly things that you append to the host names. That’s the primary reason I listen to any podcast and you guys are exceptional at it.
    Dislike: Not enough pirates on the show. Really, all Star Citizen podcasts should only be about piracy.

  16. Saoldian

    As always, an outstanding podcast. It’s a close tie with Guard Frequency!

    I listen to you guys in my car during commutes. I always download it for play using my phone.

    I think you know how much I enjoy your show. It’s always timely, professionally done, and you guys are the who’s who of SC right now. What I don’t like is that you don’t have more voice acting of your fiction! Keep up the great work!

  17. Bluff

    I listen to the podcast on the site and usually just before going to sleep, just laying in my bed.

    The format of the show is great and I really enjoy the different opinions from everyone. From time to time it might sound a bit too enthusiastic but nothing that would bother me. The whole INN site is great for information and the piece about different concept sales was interesting. Thanks and keep up the good work!

    – A fan from Finland

  18. makute

    This is my first podcast, and I’ve heard it between the tenth diaper change and making dinner (I’m father of two), on my smartphone.

    The sound quality and the timing are good. Also, it could be cool to have a transcript for us non-native english speakers.

    Keep up the good work!

  19. Mike

    Just discovered the podcast but I love how the coasters look!
    Though the Delta wouldn’t be bad either…

    I like the generic music personally :P sounds like what I have in my car.

    Found the podcast a little unclear, could tune the treble a bit!

    Though its fun listening to the discussion! Helps for titbits of information potentially missed by scouring the forums (didn't watch AtV or RtV) now I know there is a patch coming and my LN may just get wing mounts back! (or they shall return in 1.2)

  20. GR1F1TH

    I listen every Monday at work on my phone via Soundcloud.

    I think I agree with most others here. Sometimes your thoughts feel abbreviated and want more breathing room for some of the bigger highlights/concerns. I loved the numbers you’ve crunched for the concept sales and it was probably one of the best episodes. You may need to invite another FPS enthusiast to the podcast when the time comes.

  21. Mcgrundy

    Hey guys!

    Nice show. I’ll start off with a ‘like’

    Like: The audio quality. Some other podcasts/fan media can have some poorer quality audio which can make it unpleasant to listen to. So good job on the clarity.

    Dislike: I wish there was video of you guys talking. And with that, a female host ;)

    How and When: Usually when I’m working out in my room I look for Star Citizen vids and podcasts and put them on my TV while I work out. I generally find the link on reddit and listen on the site.


  22. AchillesM

    Hi All,

    Love the show, Tune in from TheBase.sc.

    Where: At work here in New Zealand
    When: 21/04/2015 for me but thats in NZ time
    Love: realy love hearing you guys ponder what could be coming up and what it means
    Dislike: lack of extra people; You guys should try and bring in guests like DJ’s from The base or writers of fan content etc.

  23. Kay

    I enjoy this podcast on my commute to work. This is an outstanding show with great production. It helps me satisfy my star citizen news craving in the morning.

  24. Beef

    Just discovered you guys this week. I listen to you on my way to work! I like that it is a central place to follow SC news without having to trawl through hundreds of Reddit threads. (I mean, I still DO that, but now I don’t HAVE to!)

    Nothing I don’t like yet, since I’ve only listened to one episode so far. But I’ll try to be super cynical this next week and see what I can come up with.

  25. Stefan Immel

    I’m listening on my iPhone during commute. I really like the basic outlook of other people on Star Citizen

  26. Linalee

    When: Roughly 9:00PM PDT. This is about when i catch up on StarCitizen News including 10 for the X and most user content published to youtube or podcasts.

    How: I have a pair of wireless headphones, Logitech G930’s, and am usually not at my computer and doing random things throughout the house or lying down in bed about to drift off to sleep.

    What I Like: General banter is always a plus as it gives a very relaxed vibe and helps create an atmosphere where the listener feels as they are just chatting with friends and joking around. This creates a very personable vibe and i think allowing more banter and general chatter go through would be nice.
    You guys have very different views on what’s important to you and what you want out of star citizen and more than once have changed my opinion on game mechanics by your enthusiasm alone. This offers a nice view of starcitizen from viewpoints i wouldn’t have initially considered.
    You guys all seem very knowledgeable and up to date on information as well.
    I generally feel more informed at the end of each episode and look forward to these.

    Think’s i Don’t Like: Not much as these are mostly just me being nitpicky at this point.
    Too much speculation on things that will be known soon or are already known at time of release(hull series pricing was announced today on the forums, understandingly you don’t have control over when CIG releases information). Volume is a bit on the low side for me but that’s not really an issue as i just turn up my master volume slightly.

    Keep up the good work.

  27. DemonWolfLore

    Another great show… keep them rolling in.

    Great show.. good discussions

    Like: The good audio quality, discussions and theory crafting

    Dislike: hmmm.. none really.

    How and When: Everytime I get reminded by Rambuz! =)

  28. *REDACTED*

    When: While I troll the sc forums
    Where: At home
    Like: The interesting discussion about the BDSSE
    Dislike: Not enough pirates on the show

  29. warwag

    Hey guys!
    when: i listen to you on my commute to work.

    how: i use itunes to listen

    my only complaint is its not long enough! i want more!
    (actually the time frame fits my drive perfectly. if i start it right as i leave its over by the time i pull into work)

  30. xNyer

    Hey guys!

    Love your show! I listen in the morning while at work.
    Love: Hearing everything about this great game. Keep it up.
    Dislike: How long it takes for new episodes. I want more!!

  31. Lerium

    When: I try to catch the show on Mondays but usually after I get off work on Tuesday morning.
    Where: In my room on my Star Citizen PC :D
    Like: I really like how professional and fun you guys are. Also the best place to get news and info about Star Citizen!!!

    P.S. yearsonehundred is awesome!

  32. Sirpedro

    I haven’t had time to listen too much to the show, but if I listen I usually do it after school when I do homework, which is usually at home in my room on a computer.
    It’s really nice to get an update on everything that I miss, cuz I don’t have the patience to read through everything on the RSI website, so just listening to you guys is a lot easier and funner. On the other hand it can become a little lenghty sometimes to listen too, but you kinda make up for it by putting up the “times” for when you talk about when in the description. Sometimes you sound a little bit too script too, but it’s not something that sticks out.
    All in all, good streams, sometimes a little scripted, a lot of good info and generally nice to listen to.

    8/10, you could easily reach an 10/10 tho, so keep up the good work.

  33. Wiitigo


    I normally listen on Tuesdays during the day using this website.

    I follow almost all Star Citizen content–both official and community. In my opinion, this podcast is the best community update and assessment of the latest Star Citizen information.

    The only item I would be interested in seeing would be some kind of live feedback with the audience. Maybe that could be calling into the show, or chat via Twitch. Many times there are subjects that I believe could be expound upon or steered in another interesting direction.

  34. Jeff

    When: 2-5pm Weekdays
    Where: At work
    Why: Love of Star Citizen and desire for unique content
    How: The internet

    In all seriousness though,
    Like: Ability to keep constant stream of speech, no silence, cracks, pops, etc.
    Dislikes: A lot of what you cover is the same as everyone else out there. I mean yes, that is the big stuff, but more original content or just different content would make you stand out.

  35. Fyre

    When : usually weekdays, at lunch
    Where : at work

    First time listening, hey good work!
    nicely done.

  36. Eric J.

    When: When I’m able but usually a day later
    Where: At home office
    Why: Hooked on SC and supporting a Canuck
    How: The internet (obviously)

  37. Aqualung

    Love to listen on my commute home on Mon or Tues, helps make traffic way more tolerable and gets me my SC fix. What I really like about it is that you guys seem to follow an agenda/plan so it’s structured and doesn’t get too off topic; it helps the show flow really well. My only suggest would be bring in more less common (non-repeat) guests to help highlight further differing opinions and viewpoints.

  38. Wabukimaan

    I am new to Podcasts, never really go into them. But this talks about SC, and I am very excited about it. I usually listen when I am driving home from school for the weekend. I love hearing the news about SC and love being able to skip ahead to different time spots for the topics I am most interested in (this week being FPS). I dont really know if I can dislike anything, due to being new to podcasts.

    Anyway… I look forward to listening to more!

  39. Denman

    I typically listen to the podcast while I’m working or driving, as I spend a lot of time working by myself it gets very boring very fast. You guys are pretty entertaining and the information you give is very helpful. The audio quality is good, a few guys might want a newer mic (or upload individual audio segments if they aren’t all in one location) but I get that you can work on that at a later date. I would say if at all possible make the podcasts longer. I know this may not be easy due to lack of content. However, you could always create a speculation segment where you discuss ideas and concepts that have been proposed or interesting forum posts/reddit posts made around the internet within the last week. (Which I know you already do that somewhat)

    Anyways till next episode!

  40. Matt

    I listen to the show while at work, it feeds my SC news cravings. Also, makes the day a bit more interesting. You guys do a good job of breaking down the recent events and goings-on.

    I feel like you guys are very much excited for this game, as I am. But I believe the quality of your already-great show could improve if you occasionally took a more objective approach to some things. As great as RSI and CIG are, there’s always room for improvement and it’s up to great fan outlets like yours to let them know what they can improve!

    You guys already do a great job of highlighting their best attributes, and I do hope you keep that up as a vast majority of your content, but if you think they have something to improve on, don’t hesitate.

    Thanks, from Texas!

  41. Fel Dragoon

    Just found this podcast on Stitcher! Great work!
    This has become one of my daily commute staples!
    Aside from helping me stay up to date on all things in the ‘verse, I appreciate that the time fits perfectly for my commute and zero profanity. I’m not a prude, but my daughter likes to listen to these shows as well. With your show I don’t have to worry that she’ll hear anything overly crude! Grat job and thanks!

  42. Xannadu

    I didn’t know this show existed until today! Subscribed right away and am excited to keep checking it out.

    When/Where: 04-25-15 at work making picture frames. (podcast in the ears is a whooooole lot better than saw noise)
    Likes: Only checked out 2 shows so far, but it sounds great! I’ll comment further when I listen to more. Gotta say, i would NEVER put a drink on those “coasters”, they are art! If I win a set I’ll be sure to send ya pics of them framed on my wall :)

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