Mar 27

What is Star Citizen?

Star Citizen Logo

One of the reasons we created Imperial News Network was to give phenomenal community contributions a place to be shared that won’t get buried in the forums. Today I’d like to share another one.

What is Star Citizen is a fan created site designed specifically to provide newcomers to the ‘Verse with exactly the information they need most, to get introduced quickly and easily. It’s got a clean, attractive design and the content is laser focused with absolutely zero fluff.

We’re big fans of the site and proud to share it with our audiences. It’s no secret that it can be somewhat complex for newcomers to onboard everything involved with becoming a Star Citizen backer. Particularly if for those who are not hardcore space sim gamers or familiar with Chris Roberts back catalog.

Join us in thanking the creator Devlin for all his hard work!

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  1. Saoldian

    Great site Devlin! My new go-to site to send newbies. Thank you!

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