Mar 23

INNside the ‘Verse Episode 6

Hello ‘Verse!

Check out the link to this week’s INNside the ‘Verse below!

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This week on the podcast, Wolf Larsen and Years1Hundred are back, and we have a special guest!  This weeks podcast was recorded on Saturday, March 21st.  As well, from now on the list of topics for the week will also include timestamps for when we talk about the topic.  Hope this helps!

This weeks topics include:

– 1.1 (25:30) and the Retaliator (28:05)

– the upcoming Vanguard reveal (10:50)

– Wolf and Years1Hundred at SXSW (13:45)

– A chat with the author of INN’s A Closer Look into Weapon Mounts (1:05)

– News from AtV and RtV (6:15)

– And more!

At about 26:30 of the podcast, we mention that Wolf and Erris were on The Base.  If you’re interested in checking out that interview, The Base have it up here!

As always, a very many thanks to everyone who supported INN through Patreon and Fundly this week, and if you like what you hear and are interested in helping us pay for servers and the like, click here! 

 As always, this weeks post was edited by Erris and sixfsincaps.

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  1. […] Personally this week I’m very excited to see the Vanguard and its concept sale on Friday.  Our very own years1hundred had a little bit of inside info on that particular ship that he shared with us on INNside the ‘Verse – Episode 6. […]

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