Mar 2

INNside the ‘Verse – Episode 3

INN’s INNside the ‘Verse Podcast, Episode 3!

Hello ‘Verse!

We’ve got a shorter, slightly truncated, podcast for you today.  Our intrepid founder, Wolf Larsen, is away this week, but we have another member of our content team, LegoRobotDude, filling in for him.

Check out this week’s episode below!

Download it here! (33 mb)

In this weeks episode, we talk about the upcoming AC 1.1 patch, PAX East and FPS, the changes to the Orion (and the Orion minigame), and we delve into some speculation about maps and game-modes that might come down the line.   We also briefly discuss the IGDA Montreal presentation given by Behaviour Interactive, as well as INN’s interview with them.

This week’s podcast is largely full of speculation, as there just wasn’t much news out of CIG last week.

We also start the cast by talking about the unfortunate passing of Leonard Nimoy.

As always, if you have any questions, comments, or topics you would like covered in future episodes the podcast, please let us know.

 Please note: Episode 3 was recorded Friday, February 27th, at 9pm EST and aired Monday, March 2nd, at 12pm EST.

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  1. Saoldian

    Great podcast guys. Erris, you do a great job of keeping everyone on point. I wish some of my colleagues were as compliant in my business meetings. Thanks for keeping it short and very informative!

  2. Jagersaus

    Love the show. Just wanted to share this video we made a few weeks back regarding making your own FPS in free flight. Keep up the good work.

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