Mar 9

Comm-Link Schedule: Week of March 9th

Greetings Citizens, the Comm-Link schedule for this week was just posted.

Some highlights include a free fly week for all ships on Friday, and a Persistent Universe trailer on Saturday at SXSW. AC 1.1 will also be coming out this week, most likely on Tuesday.

With 1.1 we will get a weapon mount design update, a limited Retaliator sale, and a brochure for the Retaliator.

Comm-Link Schedule:

Monday, March 9th
– 10 for the Chairman

Tuesday, March 10th
– Note from the Chairman
– Meet the Devs: Justin Binford

Wednesday, March 11th
– Fan Spotlight: Fan Fiction Vol. 4
– Subscriber Vault Update

Thursday, March 12th
– Around the Verse
– Reverse the Verse

Friday, March 13th
– Subscriber Flair Release
– Inside CIG: Music
– Fly Free Week: All AC-Ready Ships
– Letter from the Chairman

Saturday, March 14th
– Weekly Roundup

Sunday, March 15th
– SXSW: Persistent Universe Trailer
– Galactic Guide: Helios

Fan Podcast Schedule

Monday –
• Star Signal –
Innside the Verse –
Tuesday –
• Guard Frequency –
• Conversaciones en el Espectro (Chats in the Spectrum)

Wednesday –
• Star Citizen Addicts Anonymous –
• Fortnightly Frontier –

Thursday –
• Weekly BadNewsGaming Multi-Stream –

Friday –
• The Base Friday Show –
• Starcast –
• Galactic Inquiry –

• Doctor Hawk Show –
• Beyond the Horizon –
• Star Citizen Report – (every other Saturday.)

• Tales of Citizens – (every other Sunday)


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