Mar 7

Blog of PAX East event by CmdrCruisinTom

Citizens!  Here is CmdrCruisinTom’s blog from the PAX East event tonight.

One of our new staff members, CCT, was at the PAX East FPS demo and was able to write notes on the presentation.


  • 6:21 finally settled in on the balcony, awaiting start of the event
    • Can see the battle arena being loaded up on PC’s in front of the stage!
    • Side note, great dj. spot on transitions
  • 6:41 CIG being CIG, late as usual :)
  • 7:20 IT BEGINS
  • 1.1 now on the PTU!
  • Now called “Star Citizen 1.1”.
  • Multiplayer freeflight! Because we wanted it!
  • Gimbal Mount changes
    • Optional attachments now available for most gun mounts, size 2 or above
    • Size 2 gimbals can only have size 1 guns
  • Trying out the balance, see how it works
  • Electronic Access
  • Place to spend REC
  • Bought out by Origin Systems (lol)
  • Rentals last 7 days
  • Adds progression to AC and FPS
    • All through the “EA Store”
  • Old Damage Tech:
    • Had different damage states at certain percentage of damage
    • All needed LODs, 250+ meshes for each ship!
      • So much geometry, slows down performance
  • New Damage Tech:
    • Procedurally measure where the damage is hit and what type
      • Deformation, thickness, temperature, burn
    • No longer needs predefined states
    • Video
      • Each piece of the ship breaks up in different areas depending on where its hit
      • A LOT more debris
      • Energy weapons cause melting of hull, metal becomes white hot
      • Each hit is visible on the hull with burns and dents
      • Write your name on some one elses ship, the ultimate tea bag!
  • Retaliator is Hangar Ready!
    • Video fly bys
      • Absolutely gorgeous, lots of sleek edges
      • Large missiles in the bottom bay
      • Utilitarian interior, very streamlined and efficient
      • Showing off the interior as it takes damage
        • Hull shakes, sparks fly, metal warps
      • Two docking ports
    • Techniques used to build the Tali will be used on reworks of other ships (ie Connie, Freelancer)
    • Will be in 1.1!
  • Star Citizen enters ground war
    • Animation update
      • Wanted to redo skeleton rig of base character, give it muscular system, lots of scans
      • Hoping to release FPS here at PAX, animation quality needs love
        • Just a few weeks!
      • Rifle and pistol draws are more realistic
      • Authentic reload animations from military advisor
      • Differences between now and PAX Australia
        • MUCH more detail, gun in a better position
        • Animations smooth and realistic
        • Walking and running much more lifelike
        • Provocative stretching to show off the muscular system
      • Cover system
        • Sliding into cover
      • Hit/death reactions, crouch and prone movement all getting high fidelity
    •  GOALS
      • Want to compliment the realistic space gameplay with realistic FPS
      • Combination of fun and realism
      • More finesse coming for zero g movement
      • Preventing from releasing right now
  • InterDimensional Software
    • Star Marine
      • AC equivalent for FPS in sim pod
  • First armor!
    • Good, not great yet. coming soon!
    • Light, medium, heavy armors in different styles
  • Weapons
    • Pistol
    • Shotgun
    • Behring rifle
    • Assault rifle
    • Sniper rifle
    • Grenades (frag, force propulsion, EMP)
  • Items: medkit, hologram, personal shield
  • Traditional combat: Gold Horizon space station
    • 8v8, marines v outlaws
    • Environment damageable and can be affected
    • Walkthrough
      • Much more detail than PAX Australia
      • Sparks and damage to the interior
      • Lots of obstacles like desks and crates, can all be moved
      • Incredible dynamic lighting
      • Very large, tight corridors mixed with large open areas w/ multiple floors
  • Zero-G game mode (ENDERS GAME PRETTY MUCH)
    • 16v16 (up to)
    • Built for zero-G training, competitive sports
    • Laser pistol has grapple magnet plate to pull you around
        • Tractor beams have heat warp around them
        • First to all immobilized, or first through gate (its enders game)
        • Arena has starting lobby for teams and a gate to go through
        • Zero-G seems very natural and fluid, push pull works great
        • Characters put their hands naturally on a surface when they touch it
        • Radar on your helmet HUD is the same as it is in your ship
        • Combat is deliberate and tense
        • Can still use limbs that arent hit when youre hit
        • GOOOOOO NICK!
        • Close game, community won 4 to 3!
  • 1.1.2 will be planetside! Next month
    • Preview will be at SXSW
    • FPS March!
    • April Social module
    • AC 2.0 Middle of 2015
    • Squadron 42 Episode (17 missions, 20 hours) by the end of the year!
    • Pre-Alpha PU by end of 2015!
  • Thanks to the backers, for making the BDSSE!
  • Thanks to Illfonic, for crunching on FPS so hard!

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  2. Hayek

    Informative summary. Thanks Nehkara!

  3. HMMurdock

    Only one thing in error “Characters put their hands naturally on a surface when they touch it” you actually have to hold spacebar to grab on to a surface then to spring away you look in the direction you want to go and release spacebar

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