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Sandi’s Facebook – Time to explore a Gold Horizon station!

In the latest of a string of teasers, CIG has released an intriguing photo of Gold Horizon, the derelict space station first seen in the PAX FPS Demo.

As we move more and more toward the FPS Module drop coming up in late March, Sandi’s teasers have been oriented toward giving glimpses of what’s to come. In this case, we’re treated to a sneak-peak of Gold Horizon station, which has a lot of deep-rooted lore behind it. But once again, I’ve gone and done research so you can enjoy the synopsis!

So in Star Citizen lore, Ivan Messer was a war commander who made such a huge name for himself that he ended up becoming the first Imperator (which essentially made him a tyrant). On the day he was to assume this office, he said, “Together, we will improve and expand mankind ever outwards towards the endless gold horizon.” From there, a budding mining company decided to name their organization after the last two words in Messer’s speech, and thus, the Gold Horizon Extrasolar Mineral Prospecting Corporation was born. Whew, that’s a huge mouthful!

Through a good number of strategic moves and an equal amount of luck, Gold Horizon grew, prospered, and flourished until many saw them as an unstoppable juggernaut. That is, until the company’s CEO, Dennis Acevedo, moved Gold Horizon’s headquarters to Terra. While Acevedo had sought to establish the company in a location that was rapidly expanding in both influence and size, the Imperator saw this as a slap in the face of Earth, and he immediately moved to destroy all that Gold Horizon had built up.

Five years after the relocation to Terra, Gold Horizon was no more.

Since then, Gold Horizon space stations have fallen into abandonment and disrepair. This has naturally led to the rise of illegal activity taking place inside these stations, especially given how durable these stations have proven in the time since their disuse.

Nowadays, Gold Horizon space stations are hives of scum and villainy – unknown and dangerous locales that could provide either great opportunity or great danger to a ship captain, depending on his perspective.

Source: Sandi’s Facebook

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