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Sandi’s Facebook – Ready to upgrade to a sim pod?

A few days ago, CIG released pictures of what the appearance of the Sim Pod might look like. Now, it seems that they’re pushing forward with a final design.

For newer Backers or those who have yet to pledge, Arena Commander (AC) is the current playable iteration of Star Citizen, but Chris Roberts has said many times that AC is merely ‘one small step’ the grand scheme of things. While Arena Commander makes it seem like players are flying around and duking it out inside various starships, in terms of in-game fiction, what players are actually doing amounts to a mere simulation inside the Star Citizen universe.

Similar to how many space sims of the past allowed players to fly tutorial missions inside an artificial simulation, Arena Commander is designed to provide training, experience, and even gaming/entertainment to people inside the Verse. Once the Persistent Universe launches, Arena Commander will still be accessible from the Sim Pod, but it will not be the primary activity for the many denizens of the Star Citizen universe.

To accomplish this, the Sim Pod is being designed as something that could be found in many different explorable locations – from planetsides to space stations to a player’s own Hangar – and possibly even on capital ships. So in the future, to access Arena Commander, you’ll have to seek out one such Sim Pod and utilize it.

This will allow players to fly around, test, gain experience in ships that they might not even own, all without jeopardizing their character’s life or possessions. So if your organization is about to undertake a daunting raid to capture an enemy Javelin, you could theoretically gain relevant experience inside an Arena Commander simulation during the flight to your destination.

This will also include the First Person Shooter (FPS) elements of Star Citizen (as seen through the sneak peaks of the FPS Battle Arena), which will then combine with the flying portions to allow for games such as Capture The Idris and the like.

So while the Sim Pod might seem like a trivial addition to the game, it actually represents a significant step away from the admittedly-arcadey nature of the current game and toward the fully-realized vision of the Persistent Universe.

Which is something that this nerd can’t stop geeking out about.  :)

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