Feb 7

Sandi’s Facebook – Going deeper into Nyx!

It seems that the asteroid sneak peak from a few days ago might actually have belonged to Nyx!

About a week ago, Sandi released a picture that teased a space station set in an asteroid. Now, she has unveiled a strikingly similar image showcasing Nyx, which was confirmed to be set in an asteroid by the January 2015 Monthly Report.

Not knowing much about Nyx off the top of my head, I went and did research on it so you don’t have to! Turns out Nyx is a system containing three good-for-nothing planets in addition to a dense asteroid field set inside a dark nebula that makes hiding (from authorities, bounty hunters, angry spouses… you name it!) easy and effective. These asteroids are home to an untold number of secret bases and hidden communities, with the largest known in-asteroid port being Delamar.

In terms of gameplay, Nyx is gonna end up being the first “lawless” system to come online in the Star Citizen universe (as mentioned in the November 2014 Monthly Report), which should bring tears of joy to pirates, smugglers, mercenaries, and the like! Furthermore, it would be a safe bet to assume that pirates operating out of the VFG Industrial Hangar will actually be located in Nyx once the Persistent Universe goes live!

So strap on yer eye-patches, tighten ye’ peg legs, and feed yer parrots, because piracy just got pixelated! Arrgh!

Source: Sandi’s Facebook

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