Feb 10

Meet the CIG Devs – Episode 12 – Ryan Archer

Hey Citizens!  We bring you the newest episode of Meet the CIG Devs, featuring Marketing Artist Ryan Archer.


Meet the Devs Episode 12 – Ryan Archer – Marketing artist for CIG

  • Where did you first hear about SC?
    • From David Ladyman.  They were at a party, Ladyman went into detail, and they spent the whole party talking about SC.
  • What part of SC are you looking forward to most?
    • Once he got inside and started to see the things CIG’s working on, it’s hard to find things he’s not looking forward to.  Lots of cool stuff and the designers are finding a great balance between realism and fun.  Looking forward to the whole thing.
  • Favourite food?
    • Americanized chinese food.  Cashew chicken, beef and broccoli.
  • Favourite band?
    • Weird Al Yankovic
  • Favourite movie?
    • Star Wars nerd, so…Empire Strikes Back.  Also older movies like Godfather and Citizen Kane.
  • Favourite video game?
    • First ever PC game was Star Wars Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II.
  • Hobbies/special talents?
    • Masterful at wearing hats.
  • Favourite SC ship?
    • Works on all the brochures, so he sees them all, but probably likes the Gladius.  Likes what Foundry 42 has done with it.  They do really good used, utilitarian style ships.
  • Message to the Community
    • You guys are fantastic.  There’s no other community like you, so keep being awesome.

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