Feb 18

INNside the ‘Verse Episode 1

Hello ‘Verse!

Welcome to INNside the ‘Verse Episode 1, INN’s INNaugural podcast!

Download it here!

This episode was done in a bit of a hurry when the news about REC hit, so we apologize for that.

That being said, this is INN’s first podcast! *cue fireworks and streamers*

In today’s episode, Erris, Nehkara and Years1Hundred discuss the newly revealed REC system for Star Citizen, as well as the frequent community backlash faced by the Devs.  Sadly lacking Wolf Larsen, INN’s intrepid founder, this first podcast is nonetheless a small glimpse at more of what we hope to bring in the future. Please note, this podcast was recorded after Chris Roberts’ first post clarifying the situation about REC, but before his second post.

In the future, our goal is to have a weekly podcast airing on Mondays, likely going live sometime around 10am CIG time.

As this was our first Cast, we would also like to ask for thoughts, opinions, ideas, anything. If you have questions you want answered in future episodes, or topics you want covered, let us know. We’re just beginning, but our goal is to make the most informative show possible for all you Citizens out there, and the best way for us to do that is with your help.


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  1. Keyla_Orion

    Congratulations guys to your first podcast ! I say well done on the technical side !

    Some feedback:
    1) Erris could give Nekhara and Years1Hundred a bit more air-time as an anchor.
    2) I found the ‘moral high-ground’ Erris talked from (about the community reaction) somewhat shaky as, as far as I understood (i) He did not invest that much money into the game. (ii) It sounds like he does not play the AC that much either in its current form. So it seems he is more hands-off from the game than hands-on.

    Outside of that I say cheers for the podcast !

    • Erris

      Hi Keyla_Orion!

      Glad you listened, and really glad you appreciated the technical side. We did a lot of work to get that…working.

      Just want to touch on your second point quickly. I’ve actually spent around 700$ on SC so far. Not a lot compared to many many people, but still a significant chunk of change in my world. Also, I play AC 2-3 times a week. Again, not as much as many other people, but I wouldn’t say I”m hands-off on the game.

      Hope this clarifies things a little, and thanks for the comment! : )

    • Thank you so much for listening! Erris did a TONNE of work to make that possible – everything from topic-choosing, moderating, and audio-editing! We really owe him a lot!

      1) Good suggestion! This is definitely something we’ll work out as we keep making more of these – your feedback is gonna be what makes this all possible, so I really appreciate you letting us know!
      2) Erris actually has spent a fair amount of money on this game – not that money-spent matters a tonne, but definitely is invested in the state and future of this game! We all actually play AC a fair amount together, so he’s really invested in that too! Then again, everyone has an opinion about a certain matter – and in this case, it turned out well that we all had such different opinions on the matter! I think that’s what’s gonna make this podcast work well – Erris, Nehkara, and I all have very different viewpoints and approaches, and blending those is gonna allow for a more diversified overall perspective. :)

      But yeah, thank you so much for stopping by, Keyla! I really appreciate you listening, as well as taking the time to give feedback!

    • Revengence82

      It’s not moral high-ground. Its being level headed vs. getting out your pitchfork.

  2. AlphaGreyDragon

    Good Podcast guy’s. Concise and informative.

  3. WolfLarsenSC

    I’m so proud of this team.

  4. Starstrikyr

    Nice job, I really enjoyed it.

  5. Sherpain

    Good Stuff. Exhausting all information known of a given topic will keep me coming back and help me complete my overall knowledge of the game.

  6. Cybeerwolf

    The reason why all the REC gain is only in PVP/Competitive is to prevent people from just grabbing 3 friends and “gaming” the solo play vanduul swarm its just easier to gain REC that way then having to play against a human being. I don’t know a single game SMITE, LOL etc that allows you to gain credits from solo play. You also didn’t mention that the FPS will also gain you REC. If they eventually allow you to gain REC thru PVE play then I hope its at a lesser rate than those that have to play against humans since its the easier path. And unless you are playing on a private server you will be doing pvp whether you want to or not as the PU does not guarantee a 100% PVE experience. you need to “pop” your cherries sometimes better to get some exp defending yourself against real human players now in AC where it doesn’t cost you a ship for real.

    Anyway great show looking forward to future episodes..

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