Feb 22

Community Video Spotlight – Star Citizen Promo by DecoyDrone

I stumbled across this hidden gem the other day and I wanted to share it with ya’ll!

Sometimes, it can be really easy to get so caught up in the gorgeousness and vision of Star Citizen – as well as the hype train that ensues – that we forget that making a video game, when it comes down to the bottom line, is all about one thing: having fun. If you take a moment to think about it, we critique games on graphics, on replayability, on multiplayer implementation, the variety of gameplay, on sound design, etc… but really, if a game isn’t fun, then it’s worthless, even if it scores high on every other category.

This is something that DecoyDrone seems to have taken to heart with his new video, Star Citizen Promo. In this lovingly handcrafted video, DecoyDrone tells his own story about Star Citizen, but in a much more lighthearted and easygoing manner than most other fan videos you’ll find. Exploring the fun nature of Star Citizen, DecoyDrone incorporates a soundtrack and design sensation that does a great job of mimicking commercials hailing from the 1980s.

Relaxed, fast, witty, and very enjoyable, Star Citizen Promo is an amazing and laid-back tribute to an exciting game brimming with fun – and I look forward to seeing more of DecoyDrone’s work in the future.

Well done, DecoyDrone! Well done indeed.  :)

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  1. KaleidoscopeKid

    That was beautiful. Great job DecoyDrone! Loved the song choice.

    Favorite part is the long take of him sitting on the toilet. Got to love Star Citizen’s attention to realism and those *cough* intimate details.

    • DecoyDrone

      Thanks! I will be making more videos. This was the first I ever recorded and edited. Been wanting to make youtube videos for years. Making it onto INN isn’t something I even thought could happen :D

      • Your video was awesome, DecoyDrone! It made me laugh and relax, which is invaluable in the often-serious atmosphere of Star Citizen. And if that was your first, then I can’t wait to see what you produce with more time and experience!

    • Haha, that part made me laugh as well! I love how it happened during an intense part of the music – gave the situation even more levity than it already had. :)

  2. loopup2u

    My favorite part of the video was at 0:23 seconds. It was when the machinery was grinding away, bouncing up and down, during a repetitive part in the music. That whole little scene was very comedic for me. The music gave an almost whimsical personality to that inanimate object. Also, since you have that unique aspect ratio, it appears that all of the footage was self captured. Well done Sir!

  3. Saoldian

    Nice job DecoyDrone! Very cool…and fun. The flare shot was cool. Keep it up!

    Good find years, thanks for sharing!

    • Honestly, I hope to find more videos like this, Saoldian! The Community has some amazingly talented people, like DecoyDrone, and I just wish for other people to see their amazing contributions!

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