Jan 30

Sandi’s Facebook – Seems like more of a cave than a space station!

Prometheus vibes, anyone?

If you can’t get enough of the Asteroid Hangar, then this is going to jam your bread pretty hardcore.

Wait, what?? (this is why I shouldn’t write late at night)

But genuinely, this is pretty awesome. Mainly because science is awesome, and this plays heavily into practical science applications.

Allow me to explain. So one of the main problems with solar power is that Earth-bound locations rotate in and out of sunlight, making them only efficient for half a day. As a result, people have come up with a really cool and effective way around this. The idea is that you would take an asteroid and pull it into Earth’s orbit, upon which you would hollow out the asteroid, build solar panels all around it to turn it into a powerplant, and then have workers live inside the hollowed-out asteroid where they would be protected from solar radiation by the asteroid’s thick crust.

While it’s uncertain if such is the motivation behind this space station sneak peak, I think it’s pretty cool to see CIG engaging in such realistic and exciting applications of space-age technology.

One things definitely for certain when looking at this picture – it’s no moon…

Source: Sandi’s Facebook

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