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Notes from Around the ‘Verse – Episode 28

Citizens!  Here are my notes from Around the ‘Verse episode 28!  I apologize in advance for butchering peoples names!

Around the ‘Verse – Episode 28 link


  • Austin Edition!
  • Ben Lesnick is in Austin, where the PU is being built.
  • Joined not by Sandi, but by Pete Mackey
    • Pete was the weatherman from Wingman’s Hangar
  • Getting ready for the SC Town Hall.
    • Meet and greet, backer suggestions, presentation from Chris Roberts
      • (Coverage of the Town Hall can be found here)
  • Last chance for pre-orders for several merchandise items.
  • Physical Editions of the game have been brought back for a limited time. (til Jan. 31)


News from Around the Verse:

General News:

  • Retaliator Multi-crew is being prototyped
    • Christ went to the UK for a summit.  All he can talk about is how cool the Retaliator is looking.
    • Retaliator is being used for a lot of multi-crew prototyping.  Cap ship and multi-crew systems being put into works.
  • A.I. behaviour being updated to support wingman commands
    • Moon Collider – modern approach to wimgman commands.
  • Ejection Systems being refined
    • Early ship designs did not consider things like ejection or cargo, so they’re trying to go back and figure out the ejection systems and such.

SQ 42 News:

  • Mo-Cap and P-Cap sessions scheduled
    • Chris will be going to the UK to direct.
  • Landing polish ongoing
  • Whole missions are coming together.  According to Ben “it seems like there were disparate bits weeks ago, and now there’s a game”

PU News:

  • Props concepts are entering Phase 1
    • Lists of things to decorate the environment have been created.  From Cups to sci-fi equipment to boots.
  • MobiGlass mission manager has received updates
    • We will be seeing more about the ‘Glass in a week with a deep-dive design post.
  • Relay station concept has continued work
    • Another station for the Universe


  • Bulldog has entered concept phase
    • they are taking the complaints about the name of the Bulldog ‘Very seriously’ *cue laughter from Ben*
    • Concepted by Germuk (?) in Santa Monica
  • Orion concept in whitebox
    • Being done by George Hall who did the Reclaimer
      • Hollywood artist.  Did work on Jupiter Ascending.
    • Orion is the Mining platform for the PU.
  • Behring Ballistic weapon entered concept phase
    • many more weapons will be coming; a few new weapons this week w/ patch


  • Limb damage penalties have been implemented
    • comprehensive system for injuries.
  • Animations for reloading while crouched have been added
    • tons of work on animations
  • third person movement in 0g being tweaked
    • comprehensive system in 0g, with handholds and jetpacks and magnet books; the works.



insert pop culture reference.

This week’s bug deals with the buggy.  If you bump into it, it will continue to bounce up and down and move forward inch by inch, FOR EVER.

Essentially, the buggy has too much physics ‘energy’.  Solved by increasing the energy tolerance for the buggy.


Customer Service

They be busy



John Irskine, Austin’s studio head.

Is this something people want summarized?  Let me know!



  • Sneak Peek
    • Video of the new male character model going through various poses.

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