Jan 27

Community Video Spotlight: “Star Guide – Trade and Development Division (Missions)”

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As Director of Video for INN, it’s my job to keep an eye out for amazing video contributions from the Star Citizen Community – which is a difficult job given how incredibly talented the SC Community is! No matter where you look, you can easily find insanely good videos utilizing the CryEngine assets, the official commercials and trailers, in-game footage, etc.

And yet, despite saying this, I’ve just been blown away by a video called “Star Guide – Trade and Development Division (Missions)” by YouTube user Byronyk.

In his video, Byronyk sums up his experience at the recent PAX South conference by describing how trade missions will work. Not only his is voice perfect in delivering and articulating his narration, but his information is amazingly well-scripted and explanatory. He succinctly covers the material at hand, doesn’t engage in any logic jumps or fallacies, and expresses himself in such a way that when the video was over, I felt genuinely educated.

Definitely check it out below – Byronyk’s video is very interesting and engaging, and you’re bound to learn a thing or two about how trade and missions work in Star Citizen! I sure know I did!

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