Citizencon 2016

Citizencon 2016 is CIGs biggest presentation yet. Procedural Planets 2.0, Squadron 42, and more, it’s bound to be an exciting weekend. Keep up to date with all the exciting goings on at the event with INN. We’ll keep you up-to-date with all the streams and information coming out of the biggest Star Citizen event this year!

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General Gaming 

inside title INSIDE – Review - Playdead have returned with another 2D puzzle platformer, but is it worth your time?
g2a tinybuild What is happening with G2A and tinyBuild? - There are lot’s of murmurings on the Internet right now about what’s going on with G2A. I’m going to try to make some sense of it, then tell you what I think. Many uses of the words “claim” and “allegedly” follow.
mirror's edge title Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Review - Mirror’s Edge was a quirky little title released in 2009, to much praise. The criticisms people had of this game were that it was pretty short for a full-priced game, and that the story was pretty weak. But the mechanics were solid, and the IP had quite a bit of promise. A lot of people […]
Stellaris1 Stellaris – Galactic-level Strategy - Greetings! Today we bring you a dual look into Stellaris, a new 4X/Grand Strategy title from Paradox Interactive presented by Nehkara and Shiver Bathory.

Featured Articles 

2946CitCon CitizenCon Analysis - Hello there Citizens!  After the 2016 CitizenCon presentation, a few members of INN sat down to discuss it.
INN August Monthly Report Summary - After an incredibly exciting month for the Star Citizen community, here is our summary of the Cloud Imperium Games August Monthly Report
INN July Monthly Report Summary - July built excitement for the Star Citizen community, check out what happened last month with our summary of the report.

Star Citizen Fiction

Brimstone part 24 BRIMSTONE part 24: The Vultures Are Circling - They say the world is round, maybe the universe as well. For every life cut short in battle, there is a vulture waiting hungrily to pick the meat from the bones.  
Starfield Hunted and Hunter, Part VII - Hey INNers, today’s fiction has been written by one of our hosted fiction writers who has migrated his way onto the INN writing staff. Please enjoy another segment from Dragonfiremalus’s Hunted and Hunter series.
Brimstone part 23 BRIMSTONE part 23: Cry Havoc and Let Slip the Dogs of War - The time talking, for planning, for plotting, is over. In the words of Cersei Lannister… “I choose violence.”

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BH_EP03_YT_Thumb Bulkheads Ep 03: quo Occisionis - Citizens! Episode 3 of Bulkheads is here!
INNBannerCropped Bulkheads Ep 02: Quae Iniuriam - Wake up Bulkheads! Stop sleeping on the job! We’re back, with Episode 02: Quae Iniuriam!
INN The Week in 10 – June 5 - This week on the Week in 10…

Bulkheads Bulkheads 01: Ad Hoc Imperitiam - Greetings Citizens! Check out the first episode of Bulkheads below!
Moon-Collider-Header-October PTU 2.2 Xi’an Khartu-Al and Aegis Sabre - Here’s some shots of the new ships in 2.2!
BEST-OF-2015-Yay INN Games of the Year 2015 – Shiver - Check out what Shiver picked as his games of the year for 2015!

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