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  • The Week in 10 – August 22-26
    August 28, 2016

    Star Citizen Alpha 2.5 is live! This week, we talk about that, AtV, RtV, and The Base’s shiny new mobile app (available on Android and iOS). </iframe Check out the Week in 10 every Sunday, and for more news and discussion, check...

  • Reverse the ‘Verse: Episode 2.04 Summary
    August 26, 2016

    Reverse the ‘Verse goes across the globe again to Foundry 42 Frankfurt, check it out....

  • Around the ‘Verse: Episode 3.04
    August 25, 2016

    After the exciting week that Gamescom was it’s now time for the Frankfurt edition of Around the ‘Verse!...

  • Dragonflies in the Dark – Chapter 3
    August 24, 2016

    Hello fellow Citizens, Zulu awakens in Chapter 3 of Dragonflies in the Dark!...


General Gaming 

inside title INSIDE – Review - Playdead have returned with another 2D puzzle platformer, but is it worth your time?
g2a tinybuild What is happening with G2A and tinyBuild? - There are lot’s of murmurings on the Internet right now about what’s going on with G2A. I’m going to try to make some sense of it, then tell you what I think. Many uses of the words “claim” and “allegedly” follow.
mirror's edge title Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Review - Mirror’s Edge was a quirky little title released in 2009, to much praise. The criticisms people had of this game were that it was pretty short for a full-priced game, and that the story was pretty weak. But the mechanics were solid, and the IP had quite a bit of promise. A lot of people […]
Stellaris1 Stellaris – Galactic-level Strategy - Greetings! Today we bring you a dual look into Stellaris, a new 4X/Grand Strategy title from Paradox Interactive presented by Nehkara and Shiver Bathory.

Featured Articles 

INN July Monthly Report Summary - July built excitement for the Star Citizen community, check out what happened last month with our summary of the report.
Co-Bucc3 Drake Buccaneer Concept Sale Analysis - Greetings fellow Citizens! The Drake Interplanetary Buccaneer concept sale did not go well financially; however, CIG claims many Buccaneers were acquired. Check here for details.
MISC-Mining-Vehicle1 MISC Prospector Concept Sale Analysis - Greetings fellow Citizens! While the Prospector broke no sales records, it certainly held its own.  Click to read more details on the latest concept sale.

Star Citizen Fiction

Drake_Dragonfly_Exploration_Wreckage_01B Dragonflies in the Dark – Chapter 3 - Hello fellow Citizens, Zulu awakens in Chapter 3 of Dragonflies in the Dark!
Brimstone part 18 BRIMSTONE part 18: Igor, Throw the Switch - The last thing Doc needed was a reminder of ‘that night’ – the night the sky was swallowed in a hellish vortex of energy. The night that devoured half of Brimstone. But the breadcrumbs that spilled from a frozen severed head lead a twisting path to the bottom of Mine 3, where the Xi’An were […]
Carrack_Enter_Jump_Final_Gurmukh Lost In Space - A Carrack hits an anomaly in well-explored space.  Will the crew of the Sedna survive?

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INNBannerCropped Bulkheads Ep 02: Quae Iniuriam - Wake up Bulkheads! Stop sleeping on the job! We’re back, with Episode 02: Quae Iniuriam!
INN The Week in 10 – June 5 - This week on the Week in 10…
Bulkheads Bulkheads 01: Ad Hoc Imperitiam - Greetings Citizens! Check out the first episode of Bulkheads below!

Moon-Collider-Header-October PTU 2.2 Xi’an Khartu-Al and Aegis Sabre - Here’s some shots of the new ships in 2.2!
BEST-OF-2015-Yay INN Games of the Year 2015 – Shiver - Check out what Shiver picked as his games of the year for 2015!
INNVERSE-THE-VERSE-FEATURE-IMAGE INNverse the ‘Verse – The Deadening - Hello Citizens! There are some changes coming to INN’s podcast and liveshows, check them out below!

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